Sunday, November 05, 2006

Underrated vintage designers.

Sure... everyone has heard of the greats: Ceil Chapman, Adrian, Oleg Cassini and oh so many more.

But there are a few vintage designers that just seem to go unnoticed. I'm not talking super-high end stuff, though. I mean great designers for those of us on realistic budgets. When's the last time YOU had $600 lying around to spend on a dress?
Yeah. Me either.
So when I do my searches, I tend to look for stuff I know I can afford - R & K Originals often had very cute stuff. Alex Colman had some fantastic prints. But one of my favorites has got to be Catherine O'gust. The dresses themselves are rather sedate - button down shirtdresses with long tie belts and mandarin collars - but the design takes back seat to the fantastic prints.

Here's a couple of great examples I found online -- and then one of my favorite one from MY collection. Just click on the pictures to be taken to the listing:

Very muted organic print. From BeBopDivaVintage on eBay:

A more abstract and Spring like version from The Purse Diva on

And mine, which I'm particularly enamored of, Undoubtedly the most exotic Ogust I've come across - seller Elsewhere on Ebay:


Fuzzylizzie said...

My favorite under-rated designers: Bill Atkinson at Glen of Michigan, CArolyn Schnurer, and Jeanne Campbell at Sportwhirl. Are are great American sportswear designers, who worked in the 40s and 50s. And I LOVE Alex Colman! He's one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Hi there--I was just doing some research on Catherine Ogust--as I have 6 or 7 vintages dresses that are brand new, including the sashes!! I am so excited. Most of the dresses are size 16 or 18. I am thinking about selling them.