Thursday, January 18, 2007

Horaay for vintage style!

I'm not usually one to promote vintage reproductions -- the genuine article is almost always SO much better! - but if you have boat feet like I do there's very little chance of finding fabulous vintage shoes in your size. Unless you have the budget of Imelda Marcos.
Enter ReMix ( They faithfully recreate vintage shoes, but in modern sizes! And the price isn't bad, either.
I LOVELOVELOVE their shoes!
I even have a a gal friend who wears almost exclusively 1940's clothing (including her frilly underthings!) who swears by them. She mixes them freely into her wardrobe with her authentic 40's shoes... and if they're good enough for her, they're plenty good for me.
Anyway -- I was pleased as punch to have recently found these ReMix shoes in my size for a bargain price:

Black... peep toe... LOW wedge heel (sadly, this is ESSENTIAL for me, now!) and can be worn with or without the little bow. Sweet! I can't wait to wear them with my new favorite vintage dress!

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